Who We Are

Global Player

    Set up in 1998, our company has since expanded all over the world. We are present in nine countries, including CEE region (Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary), SE (Romania), Africa (Egypt) and the Balkans. Part of a global network, our firm also operates in France and South Asia.

Experts in Retail Intelligence

     Big Data goes big. That is why everything we do revolves around retail data. Designed for both retailers and FMCGs, our core services support them in making informed sales and marketing choices. By offering a reliable analysis of competitors' marketing strategies, we help our clients optimize returns on their marketing investments.

     As retail data experts, we offer a variety of innovative solutions which help our client resolve various issues, from in-store traffic boosters such as games for retail industry to price catalogues, leaflets and POS games which reinforce customer loyalty, enhance sales and increase frequency of in-store visits.


1.  You may gain insight into promotional strategies of your market rivals to effectively position your own strategy

2.  Your promotional catalogues REALLY work

3.  You can implement strategic solutions in traffic generation in the POS.

4.  You get a chance to benefit from our vast know-how, experience and competence of our database professionals…

5.  … and  follow in the steps of our successful clients, such as Cora, Carrefour, Unilever, Colgate and L'Oréal.


Press Coverage

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