Less paper ….. more digital

Case study of Toys 2018 at Carrefour RO



Want to test solutions with the goal to drop the volume of printed paper in his communication.
And to engage the end user inside the media

TOYS mobile app.
With 100% of animated pictures.

The benefits are:

  1. The promo media became itself
    a toy for kids.
  2. The app is directly connected
    to online shopping
  3. The letter to Santa create a possible
    link for future actions
  4. Prices and offers can be updated
    any time

Thank to a mass media campaign:
TV; Outdoor, and online promotion
web page e-store, emailing.
Carrefour was  able to generate application
download for a very short period
(4 weeks) with a substantial ratio of multiple visits.

Experience learnings :

  1. Shopper interaction and path through the offers.
  2. Young digital user behavior
  3. Mass media effect on download.
  4. How many printed and distributed leaflets worth one download. 




ANALYTYCS after campaign starts



Targeted shopper group

High Value SKU

SKU with a « story »

Seasonality update













Bransform promotion into a game,
a tool or an advisor. (Shopper experience)


Communicate any time, cost less


How many printed and distributed pages
for one active App downloader?


ECO responsible







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