Retail Monitoring

Retail Monitoring

Our Retail Monitoring service was designed to benefit both FMCGs/producers and retailers who need key data to make the right marketing choices and improve their business models.

We can provide you with an access to our unique database which contains comprehensive data on all promotional leaflets published by large retail companies on a national, regional and local basis. Access to this data enables you to get an insight into your competitors' marketing strategies, competitor price monitoring and promotional activities within the retail market.

Designed to boost your performance and gain invaluable market intelligence, our services of e-commerce, newsletter, billboard and press monitoring will help you keep up-to-date with your market competitors' movements and revamp your strategies accordingly.

Leaflet Monitoring

Investing in market intelligence is crucial for those who want to thrive in a highly competitive retail environment. With leaflet promotion accounting for roughly 17 percent of sales, effective leaflet monitoring is a must for a profit-oriented retailer. An access to our database allows you to monitor, analyse and quickly respond to the activity of your market rivals. Whether it be full dashboard access or specific reports that are tailored to your needs,  our leaflet monitoring service has the capability to deliver an excellent analysis and bring together information over a wide amount of categories. Leaflet monitoring for market intelligence includes keeping record of actual promotions, price alerts, operational calendars and a bank of picture supplements.   

We offer five key options of access for retailers: (1) Preformatted Newsletter, (2) Category Flash, (3) Promo Review, (4) Promo Leaflet Price Validation and (5) Ad Hoc Special Analysis.

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Billboard monitoring

Every week our team takes pictures of all billboards in a specific area. Information on current promotions is uploaded to our monitoring system. Users can easily search by dates, brands or retailer or category.

Press Monitoring

Our team gathers all information about promotions published in both local and nationwide newspapers. You can analyse all current and past promotions. Information includes photos, category, brand, price, time/date and retailer. Category tree will help you to find all promotions for a specific types of products.

Newsletter Monitoring

Now you can access and preview all newsletters from FMCG retailers. Keep your inbox clean - all information about current promotions in one place.

E-commerce monitoring

All information from online FMCG retailers in food category including photos, brands, price, descriptions, EAN if available. You can choose a specific retailer and compare prices or check latest version of product photos. E-commerce monitoring is also part of our 360DataView service.

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