POS traffic generation

As an experienced organiser of in-store events and games for retail industry, HiperCom may help you generate traffic and boost your sales, at the same time providing you with tools to promote your products and collect valuable information on your customers.

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Graphic Studio

Specialized in preparation of all kinds of graphic materials for retail purposes, HiperCom Graphic studio assists you in designing leaflets or price catalogues as well as gives you access to photo database containing all pictures used so far in your catalogues. Quick and effective, our graphic studio offers a wide range of services in layout design, portable photography studio and print solutions. Read more

Retail events

Eye-catching foot traffic boosters, our lottery machines are designed to support in-store promotions and increase sales. Made to fit into almost any type of retail outlet, lottery terminals bring fun and excitement to your store, as well as help you gather invaluable client data. Read more

Mobile Apps

Tailored to the needs of smartphone-wielding shoppers, our mobile apps were created to increase customers' interest in promotional leaflets and enhance in-store traffic. All your clients need to do is scan'n'match QR codes both in a promo leaflet and in a store to get a prize. It is a win-win for you and your clients. Read more



True Data

E-commerce is booming as online shopping becomes a modern consumer's order of the day. Hipercom knows how to address the needs of online stores with its HiperCom 360 dataview platform. Our solution helps you comply with an upcoming EU regulation 1169/2011 by alerting you whenever photos displayed on your store's website do not meet the requirements. 

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360 Dataview

A comprehensive database that benefits both manufacturers and retailers, 360Dataview provides full product information including GS1 standard, barcodes and all media pictures, including high-definition 360 photos. True data delivered effectively and in desired format. Read more

Instore monitoring



Retail data analysis

Covering more than 15 years, our comprehensive and intuitive database will support in-depth analysis and monitoring of all relevant promotions, including monitoring of in-store leaflets. Optimisation of shelf-space becomes easier with our innovative HiperKinetic technology which captures all interactions between shoppers and products in real time.



Designed to provide you with an in-depth insight into shoppers' in-store behaviour, a leading-edge 3D motion capture technology provides accurate, comprehensive and anonymous consumer data in real time. Installed above the shelves, 3D sensors capture aggregate shopping behaviour and create a heat map of conversion rates for each SKU. Read more


Never underestimate the value of Big Data! Our data processing application is designed to unveil the strategic make-up of your market rivals' marketing promotional plans. Data analysis of multi-variant promotional activity of your competitors lays bare the operational dynamics of their competitive strategies, which helps you optimise your own marketing plans. Read more

Retail Monitoring

Dedicated to the analysis of producers' promotional activity, Hipercom monitoring service offers a valuable insight into your competitors' brand strategies in specific product categories. Data from the analysis of in-store promotional leaflets helps both retail chains and FMCG producers develop effective sales and marketing strategies. Read more