Graphic Studio


HiperCom Graphic studio prepares all kinds of graphic materials for retail purposes.

A database with all current promotional catalogs from all over the world and experienced team of graphics allow us to create projects for covers, catalogs, websites, POS materials and outdoor advertisements.

Every project depends on many factors like target market, competition or a season. Based on the brief from the client we prepare projects that are best suited for your needs. High quality and long-term relationships with our clients are our priorities.

Promotional Catalog Assistant

Assistant will help you to prepare leaflets or price catalogs within few minutes!

Our Promotional Catalogue Assistant Clients assists you in development of high-quality in-store promotional leaflets. All you need to do is to produce a list of products with prices, descriptions and choose the place on the pre-defined layout where they should be located.

  • Predefined layouts
  • Photo database
  • Easy adjusting

You receive first project five minutes after sending us the list of products!

Photo Database Management

With our database you can easily access all photos used in your catalogs in the past.

Now it’s easy to check the prices and products that were in catalogs in the past. You don’t have to repeat photo shootings again!

  • Search available by code or product detail
  • Simple online access to all your pictures
  • Reduction of photo shootings for new catalogs
  • Simple and quick text corrections
  • Time savings on preparing product descriptions



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