Who We Are

Global Player

Set up in 1998, our company has since expanded. We are present in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Kazakhstan, Egypt and the Balkans. 

Our Why

  1. Our commitment - Free up hundreds of hidden costs hours, lost by your staff to handle Excel files without guarantee of accuracy.

  2. Our goal - To provide you with a global vision of prices, consumers advantages, promo mechanisms, shares of voices, innovations and rating for each promotional image, each promo support, each promo campaign.

  3. Our expertise - Since 2010, HiperCom has been chosen by more than 200 companies in 7 countries and delivers its services in the form of API synchronization, SaaS interface or table and PDF reports.

  4. Our conviction - Subcontracting this competition intelligence is richer, more regular and ultimately more cost-efficient.

  5. Our clients have chosen HiperCom for:

    - Updating speed

    - Time and resources saving

    - The completeness and veracity of the data

    - Objective rating of promotional investments

    Subcontracting competitive intelligence is ultimately the best value for money vs other methods
    (monitoring by employees, assistant, trainee, etc.). 


Always ready to help - work with You for You.

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