Home delivery, click & collect, marketplaces…


The trade revolution of the 2010 years is the explosion of online shopping. Pure players or traditional traders, all are trying to find the right economic model. Home delivery, click and collect, delivery locker, dedicated sites, marketplace, all formulas are constantly evolving. But one thing is certain, the amount of information available to monitor his competitors and its partners has create huge opportunities. Price surveys across the entire width of the offer (and no longer only on the promo), size of SKU offer or out of stock monitoring can be performed several times a day at a ridiculous cost compared to brick & mortar business model.

Following the mutation or the markets, each new players is monitored, through the full size of his offer range. What ever the delivery solution, the pricing is reflecting a strategy and a positioning. Sometimes it match 1 to 1 with the store 'shelves prices , and then this solution becomes much more cost effective than Stores Prices Check. More than 500 bots are synchronizing prices every days for millions of SKU in 15 Europeans countries. Beyond price, e-store audit is offering a ranges of KPI for Brands and e-retailers, to follow the evolutions of the competition. With digital media, everything goes much faster. Changes can appear in less that an hour. Range of SKU is 100 times larger than with paper leaflets.  Therefore the control of pictures quality, items descriptions, promotions, stock availability and many others is not any more a human sized  work.





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