POS traffic generation


As an experienced organiser of in-store events and games for the retail industry, HiperCom can help you generate traffic and boost your sales, at the same time providing you with tools to promote your products and collect valuable information on your customers.


True Data



E-commerce is booming as online shopping becomes a modern consumer's order of the day. HiperCom knows how to address the needs of online stores with its HiperCom 360 dataview platform. Our solution helps you comply with an upcoming EU regulation 1169/2011 by alerting you whenever photos displayed on your store's website do not meet the requirements.


Retail data analysis


Knowledge about the retail and competitive environment is crucial for making decisions about marketing and sales plans. HiperCom has the tools to help you with these decisions. Our comprehensive and intuitive database supports the in-depth monitoring and analysis of all relevant promotions, including monitoring of in-store leaflets, e-commerce sites and billboards. We also offer the data capture and analysis of customer actions and decision tree on the path to purchase in store.


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